The End of Modern Medicine:
Is Mankind Prepared for This Eventuality?

An Earth Community Project by Heaven’s Gift Academy of Crystal Light Transmission



Unusual speed of recovery from kidney stone removal surgery!

Intake of HG probiotics and enzymes by the patient stopped the bleeding after surgery and restores the ability to urinate faster than doctors’ expectation


No hair loss after chemo

Two cancer patients who drank HG Elixir during the chemotherapy treatment did not lose their hair! HG is investigating whether the HG elixir played a role in both cases.


Energetic imbalances led to job resignation

HG Profilers helped a healee identified a similar pattern in all the jobs she had for the past 20 years – work environment and superiors that seemingly forced her to eventually resign despite high level of work commitment. With guidance from HG Profilers, the healee is now progressively learning the energetic principles of how imbalances in her mental and emotional states, when left unattended to, would repeatedly attract such circumstances.








In present times, many people pursue health, material advancement, and other transient aspects of life without any consideration for the higher aspects of consciousness. They end up entirely immersed in the material aspect of existence, lose sight of their spiritual nature and often abuse the powers of their practices for selfish purposes. There are others who exclusively cultivate higher energies without paying attention to human requirements for the body and often end up suffering from physical ill health, mental and emotional imbalance as reflected in present day lifestyle.

At Heaven’s Gift Academy of Crystal Light Energetics, we teach one how to use natural crystals to cultivate life and pure consciousness concurrently through our structured learning programme called Crystal Light Transmission (CLT). The philosophy is simple to understand and is based on the fundamental guiding principles of truth, love and selflessness.

Students and practitioners cultivate primordial energies of light by practising the CLT techniques and by conducting their lives according to higher principles. Through this cultivation practice, one is able to improve the physical states by refining and transforming the five elements of time space, fire, air, water and earth, which are the fundamental constituents of the human body. However, the primary objective of CLT structured learning system is to guide individuals toward the attainment of higher states of consciousness.



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