CLT Geomancy’s Foray into the Heartland of Feng Shui
– Hong Kong!

11 July 2012

Restoring the Earth Grid

As part of the continuing effort to restore the Earth Grid, which has been destructured by the deteriorating world situation, Heaven’s Gift CLT Geomancy team again jet right into one of the busiest financial hubs in the world and the heartland of Feng Shui - Hong Kong.

This process began last year, January 2011 when we gridded two properties in Hong Kong. We consolidated that process by gridding another property this June 2012.

Our new clients in Hong Kong scored another first when we concurrently introduced CLT cultivation practice system to them with the setting up of a CLT crystal grid at their property. This new approach is adopted because we have entered a very critical phase where everything is collapsing around us; from the eco-system right down to financial system and our health falls victim along the way as a result of all these happenings, health not only at the physical but emotional, mental and spiritual level as well. Therefore, we need to reach out to as many as we could, to elevate human consciousness to put the spanner in the wheel of imminent destruction.

By combining the CLT teaching with the setting up of a CLT crystal grid, we aim to awaken our geomancy clients cum practitioners to transform themselves with a support system and to help them disengage from whatever thinking or behavioural pattern that may not be supporting their well-being.

Energy Field Management

Setting up a HG CLT Crystal Geomancy Grid coupled with CLT teaching is a holistic form of energy field management. The CLT Crystal Geomancy Grid performs many functions; the overriding one being to support the occupants of a property and then to heal the Earth. With heightened awareness in the management of their energies, occupants will not constantly embed discordant energies in the living environment, thus lessening the strain on the grid, in having to process the extra loading. So, the less the grid has to process at the human level, the more capacity it has to heal the Earth. If we subscribe to the universal law that “What is in one, is in the whole,” we will understand that everything is interconnected; what happens in one will cause or trigger a corresponding impact or influence on the other. Therefore, when Earth is stabilized and healed, problems at home or work would correspondingly recede too. Thus a symbiotic collaboration between humans and the crystal grid will mutually empower both parties for the betterment of Mankind and Planet Earth.

Heal the Earth, heal your home, heal yourself!



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