Grandmother’s health benefited from CLT practice

I am a grandmother in my mid sixties. I was introduced to the Crystal Light Transmission techniques a little over 3 years ago by my family. What began as a tentative exploration on the effects of crystal light transmission on my health and well-being has now become part and parcel of my daily routine. Before learning CLT, I was prone to regular monthly dizzy spells which medical doctors attributed to fluid imbalance between brain and ear. When these spells hit, I suffered from bad bouts of nausea and extreme dizziness. Often times, I was not able to get out of bed. When I first started the CLT practice, there were no immediate results. This was possibly because I had some reservations on how crystals could really help. Still, I faithfully continued the techniques and made it my daily regime. I did not notice that my frequency of dizzy bouts had gradually reduced so much that only a chance observation by my daughter-in-law made me realize that my dizzy spells had gone.

Before I started practising CLT, I also suffered from a suspected bone degeneration problem in my neck. Caused possibly by a lack of nutrition, the condition caused an involuntary shaking of my head. Physical side effects included stiff and sore muscles around the neck. I recently noticed that the involuntary head movements have greatly reduced. In fact, there are days now when the shaking stops altogether.

Because of this, the pain on my neck is greatly reduced. I feel very contented with the progress of my physical well-being from the CLT practice. I believe that sincerity, perseverance and a little faith is all it takes.

Mdm S. M. Khoo

Blood pressure returns to normal

I am Ken Lee. I have been having this skin problem on my legs since young (about twenty years ago). The itchy patches on the skin of my legs grew bigger and bigger as the years went by. The patches were sometimes so itchy that I would inevitably scratch them until they bled and became painful instead. Doctors were unable to diagnose the problem. They could only suggest that it was caused by fungal infection. The various medicine they prescribed were not effective. And so I continued to suffer in silence until one day in September 2004, when a friend introduced me to Heaven’s Gift Crystal Awareness Centre. The CLT consultant explained to me about the energy fields of our body and how crystals can be used to cleanse and maintain our energy fields. I was then taught the CLT techniques. This empowered me to manage and upkeep my own energy fields everyday. I have been practising CLT conscientiously since then and have benefited immensely from it, especially where my health is concerned. For instance, before practising CLT, my blood pressure was high. After 3 months of practice, my blood pressure returned to normal. Meanwhile, my skin problem which had been tormenting me for the last twenty years or so, has improved.

Mr. Kenneth Lee
Dec 2005

CLT Improves Eyesight

I attended a CLT workshop in March 2004 and since then, have been practising almost daily. After three months of practice, I noticed to my delight that my eyesight had improved. For instance, I could read subtitles on television without the aid of spectacles! In addition, my night vision had also improved. That’s not all. The floaters and a particular dark patch (about 3mm in size) in front of my right eye had diminished so much that they were almost gone.

Besides the obvious improvements in my eyes, I had also noted that I am a more tolerant and patient person now. As such, I am better able to handle the stressful environment at my workplace.

As I continue to work on refining and transforming my energy fields by practising CLT, I am becoming more sensitive to the energies in my surrounding environment. Whilst I gradually make progress in my CLT practice, the energetic conditions of my mind, body and spirit has by degrees improved.

Ms. Tan Lei Hong
Nov 2005

"As you sow, so shall you reap.."

What I like most about CLT energetics practice is that one’s progress is largely determined by one’s own efforts. You know that very old saying ‘As you sow, so shall you reap”? Well, it applies here. For instance, when I practiced my CLT diligently and conscientiously, I get to play with my darling cats. Why? Because I suffer from sinus and people who suffer from sinus are allergic to dust, pollen, animals etc. However, thanks to CLT energetics, my sinus problem has improved so much that I no longer need to use anti-histamines or nasal sprays. And I get to play with my cats.

You know how we like to call foolish people, ‘dense’? Actually, it’s a very appropriate word to use because when one’s energy field is dense as a result of one’s daily accumulation of negative energy, one’s thinking would be clouded. Since practising CLT, I have become wiser in my thinking. For one thing, I am very much less dogmatic and judgmental. CLT teaches that one’s fields accumulate negative energy via negative thought forms, speeches and actions. Understanding that simple principle means I know I have to observe and control myself. As such, practising self-control has made me a better person and ultimately, a happier person.

Lillian Tan
Feb 2006

CLT helps asthma sufferer

I've been an asthmatic patient for 44 years and had been visiting the doctor about once every month. Due to our annual haze, my asthma became worse as I grew older. My eyes would feel sticky and have difficulty opening while my nose would feel blocked and itchy. I would dread going to bed fearing that I might get an asthma attack in the middle of the night. However, ever since I started practising CLT daily, without my realising it, CLT actually helped to build my immunity system and strengthen my breathing system. This helped to prepare me for the situation I'm facing now with the haze which is getting worse each year. In addition, as a motorcyclist, I am also exposed to the exhaust fumes of other motor vehicles. Where before my health would definitely have been affected by all these air pollution, I now have the confidence to leave home without my inhaler! (This is against my doctor’s advice of carrying my inhaler with me everywhere 24/7!) By practising CLT consistently & diligently everyday, I now can sleep well and have no difficulty breathing. I've also reduced my intake of medicine to a great extent now. I have no regrets since I started practising CLT and I wish more asthma & sinus sufferers would learn the CLT practice.

11 Oct 2006

HG Charged Water - Good for sore throat and cough

I found out by surprise that HG charged water is good for sore throat and cough. After eating durians, I developed a sore throat and was coughing the next day. I drank a lot of water but it did not seem to alleviate the problems. I then remembered I had a few bottles of HG charged water. I drank half a bottle of HG water slowly. Immediately after that, I realised the pain from the sore throat was gone. It also helped to relieve the cough. I continued drinking the HG water everyday and whenever I coughed. After about 3 weeks, I completely recovered from the cough.

Ng Ngin Hock
26 Feb 2007

Crystal Therapy saves money!

My son who is 12 years old had a cyst in one of his eyes. When the cyst kept growing bigger and more painful, my wife and I took him to see an eye specialist. The specialist prescribed medication but it was not effective as the cyst did not subside. Then the specialist advised an eye operation to remove the cyst. It would cost us about RM3,000 for the surgery, medication and follow-up consultations. We decided against the operation not only because of the cost factor but also because of my son’s fear of the operation (which is understandable).

We then went to Heaven’s Gift Crystal Awareness Centre for a consultation. Heaven’s Gift is not new to us as some family members had received successful treatments for various ailments. One of the consultants at the centre, recommended that we buy a bottle of mineral bath crystals. We were asked to use this bottle of crystals to charge some water to dab on my son’s forehead and eyes, 3 times a day. In addition, my son was asked to daily drink one bottle of Heaven’s Gift crystal-charged water. My son also went for a couple of healing sessions which are held at the centre every Sunday. After diligently following Robin’s prescribed treatment, the cyst started shrinking and after about two weeks, it disappeared completely. My wife, son and I are very impressed and grateful with HG’s alternative crystal healing therapy. As the crystal therapy only cost less than 10% of the proposed operation cost, HG’s final advice to us was to place the money saved in the bank!

Ramachandram Appalanaidu

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