About Us

To facilitate exploration and development work in crystals, Heaven’s Gift Academy of Crystal Light Energetics was established in 2001.

The HG Academy is run by a team of dedicated and well-trained facilitators, researchers, administrators and therapists who guide and teach interested individuals and groups on how to improve their health, life, consciousness and increase their awareness regarding the energetic conditions of their environment through the study of our special branch of Crystal Light Energetics known as CLT.

The Academy is committed to the promotion of CLT as a pure and holistic method of healthy living and consciousness advancement that combines and seamlessly integrates the vast knowledge of metaphysical science and the healing power of nature.

We are satisfied with the positive development and the overall results obtained so far. It has given us the inspiration and confidence to share our philosophy and cultivation practice with those who are sincerely interested to learn. We envisage Crystal Light Transmission will revolutionize present day complementary healing modalities and contribute to the betterment of mankind in the new millennium.


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This article is intended exclusively for informational and educational purposes, and not for medical advice. It is based on data collected from our healing experiences, observations, inference, positive feedback received, and literary research. We shall not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage allegedly arising from any information or suggestion in this article. This is only symptomatic healing. One must follow through the necessary strict health care measures. If you have a condition that requires medical supervision, please consult your doctor.