Crystal Light Transmission

Crystal Light Transmission (CLT) is a structured learning system that teaches one how to use natural crystals to channel and utilize light energy from the cosmos. Light is the vital life force that can be transformed into a wide spectrum of energies for the nourishment and development of all life and forms in the universe. Light energy infused into the body through the practice of CLT purifies and transforms the elements of time space, air, fire, water and earth. These five elements are the primary constituents of our physical body and the universe. The state of balance and harmony of the five elements can be achieved through the synthesis of light. This state of equilibrium will restore the flow of life’s vital energy within the body and improve the mental, emotional and physical states.

Apart from being a practice for improving physical well-being, CLT teaches individuals how to purify the spirit through higher principles of Love, Truth and Selflessness. These guiding principles of CLT are derived from the fundamental nature of Light. Through the practice of CLT, one develops the ability to dissipate and discharge negative energies thus preventing these energies from being integrated into the subtle bodies. The critical factor that determines whether a student improves depends on his ability to discharge impure energies and replenish lost energies quickly. Without mastering these two abilities, a student will not be able to purify his body (let alone heal others) and eventually, he may develop all kinds of mental, emotional and physical problems.

Crystal Light Transmission is a philosophy and a way of life. The primary objective of CLT is to lead students and practitioners toward the attainment of higher states of consciousness and the restoration of their true fundamental nature. It is a non-religious practice that is suitable for people from all walks of life.


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