2013 New Year Greetings

25 January 2013

Happy New Year to all. We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks for all your support and participation in our activities in year 2012, which was the launching pad for many revelations from Heaven’s Gift.

We have conducted a series of CLT previews, workshops and forums in rapid succession, both locally and abroad, to spread these revelations to the public and also to update our practitioners. We have ignited the path and aspire to fuel the flame to greater heights to reawaken mankind from its deep slumber and be conscious of its true origin and purpose in the grand scheme of cosmic evolution.

While we work on the macro level, that is, elevating our consciousness, we also need to attend to the micro aspect which is taking care of our physical vessel that holds our consciousness. In other words, it would be difficult to transcend when we are encumbered by the physical body in the form of pains, ailments and dysfunctions. To ensure the physical health does not get in the way of attaining our macro objective, Heaven’s Gift aims to promote a healthy and pharmaceutical drugs-free community. With that objective in view, we have begun the year with three participatory forums, highlighting the importance of energy field, hydration and GI tract managements, and we are planning to conduct a series of workshops and more forums to release new information and consolidate understanding of current materials.

As our continuing effort to share our evolvement with the CLT community, irrespective of distance, Heaven’s Gift shall be progressively posting updates on our website to enable you to stay connected. We invite you to visit our website regularly for the latest to keep you abreast. We look forward to your continuing participation and to have another engaging year with you.

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