CLT Anchors In Hong Kong

11 July 2012

Heaven’s Gift hits another milestone when we launched a new chapter in Hong Kong, with the completion of a CLT workshop recently in June 2012. The workshop was conducted in a cozy and boutique-style setting. The size of the group was small but the contents were intense and paradigm-shifting.

The workshop was an invitation to the participants to go on an adventure, a mystical adventure which courts their consciousness. At the same time, they were also asked to consider it as a love story, a deep and intimate love story between their inner self and the Source of their origin.

The participants were requested to step well and truly “out of the box” of everyday thinking and allow their minds to expand and stretch beyond the perceived boundaries. They also had to first drop the mentality, the foundation of their thinking, in order to explore the deeper mysteries of the universe and life and to be admitted to the hall of records which contained hidden wisdom.

The deteriorating world situation has engulfed mankind to the extent where many have lost or are losing their consciousness. We have no memory of who we are and why we are here; we have a body that we do not how to take care of. We have no manual; we absolutely know very little about the world we live in, except for our profession.

Given the dire situation, mankind is marching towards its own destruction and the urgency to salvage mankind becomes paramount. But what does salvaging mankind really mean? Heaven’s Gift has decoded that phrase and for the first time, officially presented its meaning to the participants at the Hong Kong CLT workshop.

Salvaging mankind is to restore our original blueprint; returning to the state where we optimize our highest human potential and restore our complete functionality as a Being. In other words, to return to the Source of our origin; the fountainhead of everything.

The participants were provided the key through the language of sacred geometry.


With that, the seed of CLT has been planted in Hong Kong!




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