What Is The Primary Source Of Energy For Humans?

14 March 2013

Traditionally, the general public has viewed food as the primary source of energy. But is this view correct or a myth? At one level, it is not wrong to assume so. Physically, we do refer to energy in terms of calories from food and cellular energy, generated by mitochondria, called ATP. Food is the principal interface between us and Nature on the physical plane. However, from our R&D work and crystal healing experience, we need to perceive food in the right way.

Food - Beyond the Calories

The concept of nutrition and supplementation is to supply building blocks for the foundation of the physical body and not for supplying energy. Contrary to the popular belief that energy comes from food, nowadays, due to food alteration and processing, the body actually utilizes more energy to digest food that have been mainly stripped of their natural enzymes, which are vital for digestion, and also to break down toxins that may be ingested together with the food which are pesticides-laden and overly chemicals-processed.

Some experts believe that 80 percent of our energy is bogged down by digesting a typical meal of over-cooked and highly processed food. Our body has to exhaust its own enzymes store to process this incessant barrage of food input. Our over-burdened digestive system works 24/7 trying to break down denatured food that, for the most part, is indigestible or will only be partially digested. Because of this continual process, only about 20 percent of body energy is left to manage other important biological functions like immune system support, cellular rejuvenation, detoxification, to name only a few.

With this perspective, we clearly see why digesting destructured food is the #1 energy-drain instead of being the energy-giver. Thus, is it any wonder why it is difficult to attain optimal well-being? Yet food forms an integral part of our physical makeup. As such, we need to ensure that we consume the proper health-building food to optimize the precious energy expended to digest it and to neutralize the accompanying toxins.

Physical Building Blocks
physical building blockFood is essentially building blocks which contain vital minerals that can be assembled into natural geometry or structures, for the purpose of harnessing energy and information from the cosmic field or the Source. It assembles or creates structures that act as a mast or receptor to tap cosmic energy and to harness electrons. But our general food presently, which has been extensively tampered with by humans, has become destructured through processing, refining and genetic-engineering. Humans have therefore altered the natural geometry of foods; creating structures that do not possess the capacity to harness Light, which contains energy and information. Hence, when humans consume food without natural geometry, we eventually lose the ability to harness Light. Effectively, the information vital for human evolution is erased from the media of transmissions or reception, which are the food we consume. Without information, the food we consume cannot build or repair our body. This critical issue of processed or altered food is health-threatening to humans because the destructured food, besides being not health-building, will also clog up our GI tract, vascular system which includes the circulatory and lymphatic system, leading to all sorts of ailments and dysfunctions. So, people must be taught to love and value their body enough to be willing to consume and spend on quality foods which are not only health-enhancing but do not become impediments in the body.

Food or Energy Fields?

energyOur physical food is the densest nutrient and may only supply a small percent of our energy needs, yet it preoccupies much of our life and is often regarded as the only nutrient. But, we are more than just a physical structure made up of molecules; we are electrochemical and electromagnetic beings made up of energy fields. Our bodies may appear to be solid but at the most fundamental level we are made up of energy. Energy is the blueprint, the infrastructure, the invisible foundation for the health of our body. We are a latticework of energies. Our body is composed of energy pathways and energy centres that are in a dynamic interplay with our cells, organs, moods, and thoughts. Energy is the common medium of body, mind and soul. So, think of energy field as the blueprint of the physical body. If the living blueprint is damaged, the body follows suit.

According to scientist, Dr Valeri Hunt, best known for her groundbreaking research that has led to the first truly scientific understanding of the relationship between energy field disturbances, disease, emotional pathologies, human field communication and the energy spectrum of consciousness; each disease or functional disturbance has its own energy field which must be reversed before healing can take place. Energetic emanations of the body show anti-coherent changes before actual disease conditions can be diagnosed. Probably illness is a disturbance first in the energy field and healing is the restoration of that field to health. Therefore, a robust healthy energy field holds the key to medicine of the future.

Scientists also have found out that when the emotional, the mental and the physical are balanced, the magnetic field is the largest, it is the most coherent. And when the field is large, it facilitates the movement of calcium ions throughout the body; which is essential for structural and also cellular absorption and usage. In other words, the field enhances cellular absorption and all biological functionalities and when one is balanced, the field is amplified.

From CLT perspective, the fastest way to enhance one’s electromagnetic field is to tap energy directly from the Source of all energy fields. This brings us to the relevance and importance of the CLT 5E practice. When we are imbalanced or ill, there is high probability that our energy gate or gates are just blocked but the energy blueprint is still intact. Once the blockage is removed, the Source blueprint can re-imprint the physical body to enable repair work to be performed.

Therefore, when we practise, we are engaging with the Source field, vibrating at high frequency and activating the energy gates of our meridian and chakra system to free energy exchange. The more we practise, the more our energy gates are unlocked and the more energy we can contain to activate our higher functionality.

Energy vs Medicines and Supplements

Food is no match in terms of speed and delivery of that kind of high octane energy. Our emergency crystal healing cases have validated that energy far superseded conventional media, such as medicine and supplements, in dismantling pathogens, discharging toxins and replenishing nutrients. This is especially so where the healees were lying there helpless in the hospital. Just the laying of crystals on the healees could unblock the blocked acupoints (energy gates) and their conditions improved, without any intermediary such as oral or intravenous administration. It is the energy originating from the Source, activating the energy gates of the healees’ meridian system and chakra system to allow energies to flow in, that causes changes. The same result was consistently replicated in all our emergency crystal healing cases, e.g. restored life force when the healee had zero pulse, averted an imminent onset of stroke, enabled a healee to walk out of the hospital just after two hours of hospitalization for stroke, without any medical treatment.

Energy is the Catalyst

These emergency crystal healing cases have showcased that crystals are energetics which does not involve a delivery medium like consumption. The process is purely energy transference without ingestion. Due to their perfect geometric structures, crystals contain energy and information for healing. Energy is the catalyst and unrivaled jump-start for healing. With the energy, the body is able to transmute elements from one to another. In other words, the body can produce missing or deficient elements with the aid of energy.

Likewise, whoever in whatever trouble, must engage with the energy fields for support. Most of our problems are due to blockages of our acupoints. That’s why it is important to diligently engage in the 5E practice to increase our energy potency to restore our bodily functions and to discharge toxins from the body. That means, one must consciously understand the purpose of the practice, which is to unlatch the energy gates for the free flow of energy; merging the internal with the external.

Beyond the Physical - Cultivation

While we focus on the physical energetics, we must concurrently pay attention to our emotional, mental and spiritual aspects too which underlie and energise our physical reality. These four aspects must be balanced before we are able to contain and conserve the energy. The only way to balance the four aspects is by alignment to the Source to restore our original blueprint by fully expressing the three guiding principles of Love, Truth and Selflessness in our daily lives. To anchor that expression, we need to drop our attachments, which may be in the form of thoughts, character, habits, materials, people, etc. Only then, we will be able to resonate with the frequency or vibration of the Source.

In conclusion, energy and information originates from the Source. Food alone, when further compounded with destructured geometry, does not contain information. Because of insufficient information, our consciousness has plummeted until we depend on food solely for energy.

Therefore, present day food should not be looked upon as the primary energy source as it lacks the requisite life-sustaining information and it also has to undergo several biochemical processes before it becomes available to the body. Since our food may be void of the vital information for human evolution, the CLT Cultivation & Practice System is the unparalleled source of energy which bypasses all the cumbersome biochemical processes, and is more direct, much speedier and effective in delivery. Conventional systems or treatments are limited to addressing the physical only while energetics, coupled with cultivation, can penetrate and balance all the four bodies simultaneously for total well-being. To cut to the chase, we honour and respect the purpose of nutrition but food is inadequate to nourish our higher bodies or has become too denatured to support our physical body for our evolutionary unfolding. Hence it is imperative that we concurrently harness energy from the CLT practice.

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